The Fourth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac

The Rabbit is the fourth when viewing the twelve-year lunar cycle of animals that appear in the zodiac calendar of the Chinese. It is usually associated with the branch symbol of the earth. In the Gurung and Vietnamese zodiac, the cat is usually in the position of the Rabbit. In the same way, the mouse deer replaces the Rabbit in the Malay zodiac.

The Rabbit represents those people who are quiet, loving, and calm women and men that speak with such gentility and have a great sense of justice mixed with a high taste for aesthetics. The Rabbit has always represented hope for a very long time among the Chinese. It is known to be lovely and tender. It has also been thought to be accommodating, tactful, and discreet.

The Rabbit is also known to be very diplomatic; some even believe that they are the most diplomatic of the twelve animals. Often nicely mannered and effectively groomed, they are usually a source of strength when the times are hard. They are always happy and feel safer around friends within their peers. Rabbits are also considered the luckiest by almost every standard. With their talent and articulate nature, they are able to blend into different situations and conditions. Deliberate actions and a high level of seriousness, as well as the ability to view things from different perspectives, mean that they almost always have the upper hand in most things.
Folks born under the Rabbit sign are clever, flexible, and are great at getting ways to preserve themselves. They are able to understand what life is trying to say to them most of the time. Put a rabbit in charge of negotiations and proceedings, and your organization get the best deal, even if out of nothing. Their creative minds mean that they are most compatible with the Dog, Pig, and Ram.

Occupying the fourth position in the zodiac means that they represent creativity, compassion, sensitivity, and other great character traits. They are very friendly, prefer the company of people, and are outgoing. They are also known to avoid conflict as much as they can. When they see themselves in confrontational situations, they remain calm and approach the situation with consideration and views from the other side. They are strong believers in family and friendship bonds, and when they lack these, it sometimes leads to emotional complications. They are serene by nature, meaning that they are hardly caught visibly upset. They prefer to shy away from competitive and aggressive situations. They have a strong desire to remain in comfortable and safe environments, which keeps them away from too many risks, even though it sometimes costs them to miss out on some great opportunities. They are sophisticated and well-mannered, with enough grace and style. They prefer to stay home in spaces that are neat and organized.

Those who are born under this sign are very amiable, compassionate, merciful, sensitive, gentle, modest, and have a good memory. They prefer to communicate with other humans in amicable ways. They hardly enjoy boring lives, so they spice it up with romance and other things of interest. They are welcoming and soft-spoken, being fond of love and peace. They do not argue with the intention of turning an enemy into a friend. They are also hospitable and homely. Working with speed and efficiency is what they prefer to do, and they always want to get the job done.
They lack some abilities like the ability to meditate and are often prone to making those mistakes that can cause them to make some big career mistakes. They are sometimes prone to loss of focus and can be much undetermined when they do not want to. They look soft in appearance but can be very stubborn inside. This causes them to refuse some warnings that may have prevented them from suffering any major loss. They are not submissive to any type of life but prefer to create their own. They are also not great at going deep into anything and sometimes end up escaping reality. Because of their reserved and calm personality, they may lose some chances that would have put them in a better spot.

Even though they do not always look stressed or visibly upset, they tend to bottle their feelings inside. When they are not able to express these bottled up feelings, it sometimes leads to different forms of illnesses. Rabbits have been known to benefit more from daily activities that are able to reduce their stress levels and improve their health. Relationships are a very sensitive part of their lives, and this sometimes leads them to unhealthy situations and expectations that may be too much for them to handle. A rabbit needs a partner that will not take advantage of its soft and giving nature. Such a pairing, even though difficult to find, maybe just be what they need.

In terms of their careers, rabbits are good and articulate communicators, which will explain why acquaintances and friends tend to seek their advice. It is also so because rabbits make great politicians and diplomats. They also excel in other areas like publishing, writing, acting, fashion designing, medicine, therapy, public relations, teaching, and administrations.

The lucky colours of the Rabbit include pink, red, blue, and purple. The unlucky colours include dark brown, white, and dark yellow. Rabbit lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 9, while the unlucky numbers are 1, 7, and 8. Even though they are more compatible with the sheep, pig, and the dog, they are least compatible with the dragon and the rat. Their auspicious directions include east, south, and southeast. The lucky flowers of the Rabbit are nerve plant, a flower of fragrant plantain lily, and snapdragon.


In the end, the Rabbit is one of the twelve signs. We have been able to discuss most of its traits extensively, so when you see someone portraying some of these traits, be rest assured that you are dealing with a rabbit, according to the Chinese Zodiac.


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