Metaphysical Glossary


Afterlife {af-ter-lahyf} Life or an existence following death; Immortality

Alchemy {al-kuh-mee} Transmuting base metals into gold; Symbolic transformation into a higher states of consciousness for the human race; Elixir of life

Alien {eyl-lee-uhn} Extra-terrestrial being that visits Earth from other planets, galaxies or dimensions; Beings from other worlds

Alien Abduction {eyl-lee-uhn} {ab-duhk-shuhn} Kidnapping by Aliens

Alpha wave {al-fuh} {weyv} Pattern of dominate, smooth regular human electrical oscillations in the brain

Altered States of Consciousness:{ASC} {awl-tred} {Steyts} {uhv} {koh-shuhs-nis} A state of Consciousness Is different from sleeping or waking state

Amulet {am-yuh-lit} Item worn as protection for an individual against negative energy; A symbol of metaphysical significance

Ancient Astronauts {eyn-shuhnt} {as-truh-nawt} Believes Earth was visited by extraterrestrials who bred with humans to produce Homo sapiens/ Extraterrestrials genetically engineered the human race

Angel {eyn-juhn} Invisible celestial being appearing in human form processing magical abilities; Soul guardian

Angelology {eyn-juhn-ol-uh-jee} The study of the science of Angels

Animal psi {an-uh-muh} {sahy} Animals ability to display telepathy & clairvoyance

Animism {an-uh-miz-uhm} All the Universe, natural objects and living things have individual Soul

Anomalous Phenomena {uh-nom-uh-luhs} {fi-nom-uh-nuh} Natural phenomena unexplained by scientific information Deviating from order, rule or form

Anti-gravity {an-tee} {grav-tee} Reducing or canceling the gravitational field

Anomaly {uh-nom-uh-lee} Peculiar condition; Deviation from the norm

Apparition {ap-uh-rish-uhn} Supernatural appearance of a thing or person; a phantom; ghost of dead people, objects or animals

Apport {uh-pohrt} Production of objects by metaphysical means An appearance of an object from a paranormal source

Archangel {ahrk-eyn-juhl} Principle Angel; A higher ranking angel

Area 51 {air-ee-uh} {fif-tee} {wuhn} Secret militaey facility in Las Vegas, Nevada applying reverse engineering technology on alien spacecrafts retrieved from crash sites in USA

Astral {as-truhl} Relating to or proceeding from the Cosmos

Astral body {as-truhl bodee} Ethereal counterpart of a human or animal body; Double of the physical body

Astral plane {as-truhl} {pleyn} The Astral etheric body travels on this fantastic plane with several different entities locations and levels to travel

Astral Projection {as-trul} {pruh-jek-shuhn} The Astral body separates from the physical body

Astrology {uh-strol-uh-jee} The study of heavenly bodies effects on human affairs

Atlantis {at-lan-tis} Legendary island in the Atlantic ocean A highly spiritual and technologically advanced civilization instantly destroyed, sank to the bottom of the sea

Avatar {av-uh-tahr} Divine reincarnation The incarnation of a Goddess or God

Aura {awr-uh} Electromagnetic field or light body around all living things; A field of energy surrounding living creatures

Automatic writing {aw-tuh-mat-ik} {rahy-ting} The ability to receive & write intelligent messages from spirit without conscious control of the information of what is being written

Autoscopy {aw-toh- skohp} Looking back at your body from a position outside of the body


Bermuda Triangle {ber-myoo-duh} {trahy-ang-guh} Geographically located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States. The area is infamous due to high incidence of unexplained loss of ships, small boats and aircraft’

Bigfoot {big foot} Ape-like appearance walking upright, giant 6-9 feet tall, 600-900 lbs, hairy, necklace existing in remotes areas around the world

Bilocation {bahy-loh-key-shuhn} An individual or object displays the ability to exist simultaneously in two places


Cabbala {kab-uh-luh}; Rabbinical mystical teachings based on a esoteric interpretation of Hebrew Scriptures

Call {kawl} A metapsychological term used to describe a given response in a ESP test

Cartomancy {kahr-tom-uh-see } A form of divination; Foretelling the future with playing cards

Celestial {suh-les-chuh} Supremely good; sublime; Refers to the Divine

Celestial bodies {suh-les-chuh bodees} Relating to the heavens; Planets

Celestial Hierarchy {suh-les-chuh} {hahy-uh-rahr-kee}; The ranking of Angels

Celestial Light {suh-les-chuh} { lahyt} A Halo emanating from illuminated visions of a mystical nature

Cereology {seer-ol-uh-jee} The study of the mysterious crop circles phenomenon

Chakra {chuhk-ruh} Wheels of spiritual energy power centers located In the human body

Clairaudience {klair-aw-dee-uhns} Clear hearing, second sound the power to “hear” sound beyond the human ear

Clairkinesis {klair-ki-nee-sis} The ability to sense angels, guides and spirits

Clairvoyance {klair-voi-uhns} Clear vision; second sight; quick intuitive knowledge of people and things

Clairvoyant {klair-vol-uhnt} One who sees clearly;: the gift of seeing beyond the physical eyes; A person who obtains futuristic metaphysical information without entering into a trance

Clairsentience {klair-sen-shuhns} Capacity for “sensing” & obtaining data about people, objects & events

Cosmotheism {koz-mohs-thee-iz-uhm} A belief system that Life is Divine We are Divine Beings; A Divine purpose to your life; Consciousness that binds all living things are One We are the “Cosmos made Self aware;

Cryptid {kript-id} Any species of animal or creature believed to exist but not recognized by science

Cryptozoology {krip-toh-zoh-ol-uh-jee}; The study of mythical creatures whose existence has not yet been substantiated

Crystal {kris-tl} Silicon; a clear transparent mineral growing from natural solutions of a fixed pattern in the Earth

Crystal Gazing {kris-tl} {geyz-ing} Focusing into a reflective mirror, glass,or liquid to receive metaphysical information

Cydonia {sahy-don-i-uh} An area on Mars that resembles a human face surrounded by pyramid shapes


Dematerialisation {dee-muh-teer-ee-uh-luh-zey-shuhn}; Paranormal fading or disappearance of an object or person

Dermo-Optical Perception {DOP} {dur-mo} {op-ti-kuhl} {per-sep-shuh} Skin vision; x-ray fingers; The ability to see using the skin of the hands

Deja Vu {dey-zhah} {voo} A sense of familiarity or “having been here before” to a seemingly new experience.

Divine {dih-vahyn} Supreme Being; Relating to the Goddess

Divine Essence {dih-vahyn} {es-uhns} The Goddess consciousness or God consciousness within you

Dowsing {dous-ing} Divination to locate, gemstones, metal, oil or water

Dream Telepathy {dreem} {tuh-lep-uh-thee} The ability to telepathically communicated with another person thru their dreamstate


Elements {el-uh-muhnts}; Water, air, earth and fire also liquid, gas, plasma + Spirit

Elemental {el-uh-muhnt-tl} A supernatural entity manifested physically by occult means

Elf {elf} A small mythic mischievous fairy

Energy Medicine {en-er-jee} {med-uh-sin} Psychic healing: Spiritual Healing: Transference of healing energy into a patient to influence a positive outcome

ESP {Extra sensory perception} Clairvoyance, telepathy; receiving metaphysical data about unforeseen events.

Empath {em-puh-th} An individual who is psychically sensitive to their and the environment

Empathic {em-puh-thet-ik} The psychic ability to receive others’ feelings, thoughts, attitudes and emotional state

Empathy {em-puh-thee} The psychic ability to experience another person or animals’ emotion or pain

Entity {en-ti-tee} A non-physical disembodied Consciousness referred to as a Spirit or ghost


Fairy {fair-ee} A mythical entity with magical powers

Fake Awakening {feyk} {uh-wey-kuh-ning} A person believes they are awake when they are asleep dreaming

Faith Healing {feyth} {hee-ling} Healing associated with a Divine Force thru prayer

Flying Saucer {flahy-ing} {saw-ser} Extraterrestrial spacecraft


Geomancy {jee-uh-man-see} Interpretation of geographic lines and figures for foretelling the future

Guardian Angels {gahr-dee-uhn} {eyn-juhls} Spirits dedicated to protect, guard and watch over us

Ghost {ghost} The soul of a dead person, disembodied,non-physical being with the likeness of a dead person from the spirit world haunting living beings or dwellings

God {god} The one supreme male consciousness; Ruler of the Universe

Goddess {god-is} The one supreme female consciousness; Ruler of the Universe


Haunt {hawnt} A gathering place frequented by ghost or spirits

Healer {hee-ler} A thing or person with the power of healing

Healing {hee-ling} Cures that are not explained by medical terms

Hypnagogic Imagery {hip-nuh-goj-ik} {im-i-juh-ree} Images occuring while falling to sleep


Icon {ahy-kon} An image of particular significance

Intuition {in-too-ish-uhn}; A keen and quick insight; A direct perception of truth & fact independent of any reasoning process.

Intuitive {in-too-i-tiv} Rerceiving information directly thru intuition without rational thought

Imagery {im-i-juh-ree} Perceiving images with the mind


Ka {kah} A Spiritual entity; An aspect of the person that survives death Term for the astral or double body

Kirlian Photography {kurl-yahn}{ fuh-tog-ruh-fee}: A photographic picture of a person’s biofield, electromagnetic field or aura

Kundalini {koon-di-ee-nee} Providing vital energy for metaphysical phenomena


Laying on of Hands {ley-ing} {awn} {uhv} {hand} A healing practice of placing hands on a ill person

Levitation {lev-i-tey-shun}; Lifting of the physical body into the air by metaphysical means

Ley lines {ley lahyns}; Invisible energy connecting sacred global locations

Locution {loh-kyoo-shuhn} A spiritual statue, figure or icon that speaks

Lucid Dreaming {lucid} {dreaming} The dreamer has the ability to control the events in the dream; Aware that the experience is a dream

Luminous Phenomenon {loo-muh-nuhs} {fi-nim-uh-non} Strange orbs or radiating lights around an object or individual Lycanthrophy: {lahy-ken-thrush-pee}; A human’s ability to transform into animal



Magic {maj-ik}; Supernatural forces over natural forces; the art of producing illusions

Manifest {Man-uh-fest} The power to create some form of matter; From thought to physical mass;

Mantra {mahn-truth} Sacred sounds utilized in meditation

Materialization {muh-teer-ee-uh-lahyz} The creation of matter from unknown sources

Meditation {med-i-tey-dhuhn} Physical-mental techniques producing evolved states of consciousness

Medium {mee-dee-uhm}; A human telephone for the spirit world A channel of communication for the spirits who have crossed over to contact the living

Metamorphosis {met-uh-mawr-fuh-sis} A complete change of substance, form or structure; Shape-shifting

Miracle {mir-uh-kuhl} Divine intervention in a beneficial event

Molecular Manipulation Altering the physical properties of condition or thing


Near-death-experience {NDE} {neer} {deth} {ik-speer-ee-uhns} Experience people have who have been close to death or pronounced clinically deceased

Numerology {noo-muh-rol-uh-jee} The study and interpretation of numbers to determine their influence on one’s life


Omniscience {om-nish-uhns} The capacity to know everything

Oomancy Oracular divination using eggs; separated egg whites dropped into hot water creating mystical shapes

Oracle {or-uh-kuhl} An answer to a question that originates from the Divine Essence

Orgone Energy {awr-gawn} {en-er-jee} A vital energy permeating the Universal

Out-of-body Experience {OBE} {out-of-bodee} {ik-speer-ee-uhns} The soul or mind separates from the physical body perceiving oneself from an external vantage point.


Pagan {pey-guhn} A religious cultural community based on the worship of nature or Earth

Palmistry {pah-muh-stree} Prediction the future based on the energy emitting from the palm of the hand

Papyromany {pap-ee-ruh-manc-ee} Divination through folding paper; Predicting the future by reading the lines on a crumpled piece of paper

Paranormal {par-uh-nawr-muh}; Supernatural phenomenon; Beyond normal

Paranormal Dream {Par-uh-nawr-muh} {dream} Dreams that provide metaphysical knowledge

Parapsychology {par-uh-sahy-kol-uh-g-jee}; Investigation of psychic phenomena.

Phenomenon {fi-nom-uh-non}; Something extraordinary; A remarkable person; a Prodigy

Physics Manipulation Controlling the power of the mind to produce the desired result; Mind over matter

Philosopher’s Stone Imparts the wisdom of the world & The secrets of the ages

Precognition {pree-kog-nish-uhn} Knowledge of futuristic situations by extrasensory abilities: The intuitive perception of futuristic events or conditions

Portal {pohr-tl} Dimensional doorways from the spirit world to ours manifesting as beams of light or circular patterns of glowing orbs

Prayer {prair} A sincere petition to the spirit world

Prediction {pri-dik-shuhn} A statement that foretells past,present or future events

Premonition {pree-muh-nish-uhn} A forewarning of past or future events

Prophecy { prof-uh-see} A divinely inspired revelation

Psi {sahy} Encompasses all metaphysical abilities

Psionics {sahy-uh-iks} The power to shift 3 dimensional energies in any environment; Metaphysical phenomena in the application of electronics

Psyche {sahy-kee} Relating to the human mind, soul or spirit

Psychic {sahy-kik}; Sensitive to metaphysical forces, a person who uses ESP to identify hidden information from the five senses

Psychic Reading {sahy-kik ree-ding}; A metaphysical consultation discerning hidden past & futuristic information through mental paranormal facilities

Psychokinesis {sahy-koh-ki-nee-sis}; The ability to move inanimate or physical objects through mental processes.

Psychometry {sahy-kom-i-tree}; The practice of applying psychic abilities: Receiving psychic information about a person from an object associated with the person.

Psychometrist {sahy-kom-i-trist} A person with psychic abilities

Pyrokinesis {paty-roh-ki-nee-sis} Ability to create and control fire with the mind; Concentrated psychic power to set objects and people on fire


Quantum Mechanics {kwon-tuhn} {muh-kan-iks} The subatomic level of mass

Quartz {Kwawrtz} Believed to attract and hold metaphysical activity R Reincarnation {ree-in-kahr-ney-shuhn} To be made flesh, again; The consciousness & soul survives death to be reborn into a new body in the future


Remote Viewing {RV} {ri-moht} {vyoo-ing} The use of psychic abilities to locate a person or object in an unknown location

Retrocognition {retro-kog-nish-uhn} Metaphysical knowledge of the past experiences

Rhabdomancy {rab-duh-man-see} Divinating with a wand, staff or the like for water


Shape-Shifting {sheyp} {shift-ing} Metaphysical ability to transform into another Person, animal or entity

Simulacra {sim-yuh-ley-kra} Seeing images, figures and faces in ordinary objects like rocks, trees, flowers, etc.

Spirit {spir-it} Vital life principle to physical organisms; Principle of conscious life; A Metaphysical being

Spirit Photography {spir-it} {fuh-tog-ruh-fee} Capture images of spiritual entities

Spiritualism {spir-i-choo-uh-liz-uhm}; Spirits of the dead communicating with the living through a Medium

Soul {sohl} The seat of feelings & high-mindedness; The immortal divine source embodied in human beings Stonehenge {stohn-hen} Prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England

Stone Tape {stohn} {teyp} Mental impressions of traumatic events are projected in the form of energy recorded in rocks, trees, etc Emotions that can be stored in materials

Supernatural {soo-per-nach-er-uhl} Order beyond the observable Universe; Transcends the law of nature

Synchronicity {sing-kruh-niz-uhm} Events manifesting as uncanny coincidences


Talisman {Tal-is-muhn} A design worn to invoke the aid of the spirit world

Tarot Cards {tar-oh} {kahrd} 72 special cards representing vices and virtues utilized to predict the future

Telekinesis {tel-i-ki-nee-sis} Moving objects with the mental faculties or Mind

Telepathy {tuh-lep-uh-thee} Mind to mind metaphysical communications

Theophany {thee-of-uh-nee} A manifestation of Goddess or God to a person An appearence of a Divine Deity to a human;

Thoughtography {thawt-o-gruh-fee} Photograph of thought; Psychic photography; The ability to burn photographic images onto surfaces with the power of the mind

Tulpa {too-pah} A object or entity manifested through spiritual mental power


Ufology {yoo-fol–uh-jee} The study of unidentified flying objects

Unidentified Flying Object {UFO} {uh-ahy-den-tuh-fahy} Unexplained lights & objects in the sky from Extraterrestrial visitations


Veridical {vuh-rid-kuh} Experience or data that is validated by facts and events

Veridical Dream {vuh-rid-kuh} {dreem} A dream that coincides with actual events unbeknownst to the dreamer

Vortex {vawr-teks} A momentary doorway or portal to another realm that allow entities and metaphysical activity into our world

W Waking Dream {weyk-ing} {dreem} Dreamer is unaware of dreaming seemingly asleep Being asleep without realization of it:

Wraith The image of a person appearing just before their death


Xenoglossy {‘zen-o-glosi} To speak or write in a language which is has not been learned


Yeti {yet-ee} Anthropoid with ape & human characteristics is legendary in Tibet

Yoga {yoh-guh} The psycho-spiritual and physical practices that guide to a evolved consciousness


Zodiac Circular diagram of 12 birth signs or zodiacal constellations in conjunction with astrology

Zooform Phenomena {zoo-fawrn} {fi-nom-uh-nuh} Supernatural entities that outwardly resemble animals

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