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My Intuition takes me into Everything and Everything No-thing

What is more powerful than accurate futuristic information?

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healers are people who create or stand as channels of healing between a divine source and a sick person. The belief that certain illnesses

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Kids With Psychic Abilities

The word psychic typically refers to abilities and phenomena that are beyond the capabilities of the five senses to perceive. It also means phenomena that

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Many of the decisions we make in life have high stakes.

Iris Call has used her abilities as an Intuitive Consultant to help hundreds of individuals and businesses make the right decisions for themselves and their companies. 

Now you have an affordable opportunity to get Iris’s help, support, guidance and direction for your most important decisions.

Which career should I choose?
Is this the best strategic direction to take my company?
Will our new branding or product capture the attention of the market, or be ignored?
Is this a path of growth, or stagnation?

Iris Call has worked with companies in Entertainment, Film, Music, TV, Conglomerates & Startups, Start-Up and Entity Selection, Academia, Real Estate, New Product Launches, Corporate Trend Analysis, Branding Strategy, Board of Directors Selection, and more.

Iris Call provides you with the knowledge and insight you need to proactively make positive changes, and chart the future you deserve! She helps to predict and identify barriers and pitfalls. In short, to live a grander life.

Companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this advice in the past. A membership program is now available that will give you the kind of guidance and support you need in your life, without creating a financial burden. Iris Call now offers an affordable membership that includes live consultations in person, online, or over the phone.

Learn how you can get the support and guidance you need from Iris Call to make the most advantageous decisions in your personal and business life TODAY!

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What My Members & Clients Say

Professional Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Trusted Counselor

I met Iris three years ago through a colleague. Upon meeting Iris, without anything more than an introduction of politeness, she smiled, and I returned the smile, knowing I was

Catherine K.

Iris Call’s futuristic predictions have changed my life for the positive

Iris Call’s ability to intuitively forecast situations and events allows me to manage life events with planning and thoughtfulness. I keep a notebook so I may review my notes and


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