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  • Website
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  • Old, New & Current Predictions
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  • Glossary
  • eTarot Reading
    (eTarot reading on the website is for entertainment purposes only)

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  • Soirees
  • Workshops
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  • In-Person session
  • A La Cart Consulting Services
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Only $9999 Monthly

How It Works

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  • Your membership is a 30-day minimum requirement. You will be auto-charged on your sign-up date every 30 days. Cancelation of Membership is by email and filling out a form online 5 business days in advance of your next billing cycle.
  • Make your appointment within the same month as your sign-up date and every month after until you cancel.
  • With a one-month membership you can began receiving futuristic information that potentially creates positive change in your life.
  • Sign up now and let’s take an important journey into Your Future.
  • Choose a time: Present or Future
  • Choose a Field: Professional, Personal, or Spiritual
  • 30 minutes of a telephonic or computer session for each separate Time &Field
    Must use within 90 days Non-Transferable 24 hour cancellation policy. “You pay for my Intuitive information not for the time”

A la Carte Services & Prices

What Is More Powerful Than Accurate Futuristic Information

  • In-Person Intuitive Consultation $500

    Up to an hour

  • Monthly Consulting Services Negotiable
  • Groups Negotiable
  • Parties Negotiable
  • Guest Speaking Negotiable
  • Business Venture Negotiable

Special Offer for Non-Members

Not sure if you want to become a member?  For a limited time Iris is offering 50% off the normal session rate of $500.  That would be for a Live or Virtual or Phone session!

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