The number two in numerology


The numbers 1-9 contain a broad spectrum of characteristics. Every single digit between one and nine represents specific meanings and traits that make it possible to predict human lives. The numerology chart contains symbols that are everywhere, and they are very influential in the way we act. Understanding these symbols help you understand the whole essence of numerology.

The number two in numerology is known to most numerologists as a very powerful feminine force. This force represents power and grace. The number two is very sensitive, possibly the most sensitive of them all, and strives to always bring balance and peace to failing situations and relationships. The intuition of number two is very strong, making it able to sense feelings and currents instinctively. They also connect with people emphatically.

Since number two strikes balance, it can also be very bold and controls power in many situations. This power is being wielded with such tact and diplomacy that it produces teamwork and harmony. It can serve as a mediator between two sides, because of its unbiased nature.

The number two people feel lonely when they are by themselves and do not just interact because there are people around them. The characteristics of number two include diplomacy, coexistence, companionship, teamwork, and strong relationships. They yearn to belong to some groups, maybe particular groups, but they can do well when working with other people. They are mostly born to serve and always find themselves in a position to always benefit the groups they belong to.

The circumstances and events surrounding a number two mostly include the necessity to work with close people in a bid to find solutions, draw conclusions, reach goals, and solve any issues that may arise.

The attributes of number two include dilemmas, anti-thesis, polarity, ability to use and feel strong emotions, sharp intuition, and awareness, and even sound judgments.

The positive traits of a number two include artistry, diplomacy, good friendship, spirituality, gentleness, kindness, insight, good manners, close attention to details, co-operation, good decision making, strong emotions, caution, love and understanding, grace and devotion, and meditation.

Some of the negative traits of the number two are they are indifferent, irresolute, dependent, insensitive at times, disagreeable, inconsiderate, stagnant, and they are very scared of abrupt changes and making mistakes.

The number two also signifies duality like male and female, black and white, positive and negative, etc. It shows the coming together of one thing with another. The sensitivity allows for inner strength to support goals and bring harmony into lives. They are very considerate of others, and some people mistake it for weakness. The number two is always true to themselves, and stay that way in order to feel authentic. They are also very supportive, and their high level of diplomacy is good. They have the unique ability to view things from both sides because of their high sense of awareness. They can be shy, artistic, thorough, magnetic, and analytical.

Demonstration of friendliness, tact, and understanding are their strong suits. Their loyalty is unparalleled, so they mean the things they say.

They can be very loving and caring, but their sensitivity makes the feel some level of low self-esteem. Their friendliness makes them keep a lot of friends, and they hate to get into quarrels. Their love for nature and beauty make them feel in harmony with nice things, and they love to be happy and satisfied.

They love to put smiles on the faces of people, but they always put themselves first, no matter the circumstance. They play a very important role in peace-making due to their diplomatic abilities. They can be very dependent, making them not compatible with people of their nature. Emotional blackmail is one of their strong suits. They use the unnecessary accumulation of wealth to cover their deep feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

Due to their indecision, they can be very pessimistic, and try to always create a mental picture of an ideal world instead of living in the real world. They do not do well with being pushed to their limits because it does not always end well generally. Their sharp insight makes it possible for them to grab opportunities where they see them, but self-confidence sometimes limits them to achieve their goals. They are always o bothered about what people might say, leading them to poor decisions and sometimes worry and over-concern.

Their positivity makes them very refined and charming, and they are grateful hosts. They have an amiable nature, meaning they are liked by friends and family alike. Cleanliness, exactness, and order make them the ideal people in a home or relationship. They always like to be factual, deriving pleasure from gathering facts and figures.

They always look quiet on the outside but have a perfect sense of timing when it comes to seizing opportunities. They are great observers, and only talk when they need to. They have a great love for things of the extraordinary and usually have experiences with psychic abilities and Deja vu. Prophetic dreams, intuition, and the things of the metaphysical is a joy to them. This unique ability helps them get ahead of problems or tackle them like they have met the problems before, making it very difficult to throw a number two off-balance.

The number two people have beautiful imaginations and beautiful hearts to match. They are very valuable to the happiness and peace of most people. Everything they do is jeered towards making peace in the world. They can be so calm and passive that most of them tend to lose the chance to attain their true potentials.

The number two people love to be pampered and carried along in tough decision-making, and so they need a strong partner to shoulder their responsibilities. In return, they can give unrivalled levels of love, loyalty, and respect.

With all these attributes, it would be almost impossible not to know a number two person when you meet them, and always remember never to take their calmness for weakness, or you just might see another side of this wonderful number.

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