The number one in Numerology

The foundation of numerology is based on a nine-digit number system. It also depicts the essence of sequence in our world. Every number has its own meaning, personality, and symbol. These characteristics define and predict those that are seen as the number one people. The number one is the first digit in the numerology system and like all the other numbers, it has its own characteristics which define those that are born on these dates

The Sun is a strong and creative force which is powerful enough to give the universe life and light. People that are born on these days, 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of every month are seen as number one people. In the zodiac, Leo is also ruled by the sun, just like the number one people.

Just like number one is the first in numerology, number one people tend to be leaders who are always in front of every movement and position because of the authority they portray. They do not like to be governed, and are most comfortable when they are playing the lead roles. The number one, which is the first of the numbers, showcases power as a symbol of confidence, independence, and fresh beginnings.

In numerology, the number one depicts momentum and motivation. These people are true pioneers who are able to pave the path for most people to follow, in fact they are trailblazers. The natural leadership instincts and proactive nature make them outstanding wherever they go. This number represents the birth and/or creation of everything that exists, according to spiritual symbolism. Newness, possibilities, and forward movement can sum up the number one perfectly.

The number one is neither female nor male, even though most of the traits in number one people are masculine. The number one people are known to be competitive and independent. They value freedom above other things and are self-reliant. Their strong will makes it possible for them to achieve whatever they set their minds to achieve, and coming up with new ideas gives them all the joy in the world. As charismatic as they are, they still have a great sense of entertainment and humor, making it possible for them to engage large crowds.

Positivity, responsibility, and trust come naturally to a number one, as long as they are in a position of authority.

These set of people do well in any career path that gives them a sense of authority and also in careers that have to do with innovative ideas and inventions since they have a very large mental capacity. The versatility of number one people make them fit into anywhere they find themselves. It is one of their biggest strengths but over-versatility can become a problem for them sometimes.

The numbers most associated with them are ones, twos, fours, and sevens while their best colors are gold, yellow, brown, and orange. Their favorite dates include 1st, 7th, 13th, 20th, 25th, and 31st. They have a strong connection to these dates and always try to make plans on them.

Some of their weaknesses include the arrogance and domination that comes with being a leader, not being too cooperative when it comes to working together, always striving for perfection no matter what it may cost others, and blaming yourself harshly if they do not meet their high expectations. They can be very physical when they want to be and spiritual when they have to be. They repel help from people because they believe they can do it all on their own. They are also great risk takers, who can make decisions even without seeing the bigger picture. They also have a high sense of doubt, considering the lofty heights they set for themselves. They do not show it openly but deep within them, they are really scared of failing and this causes doubt in the long run. When they need to, most number one people use this doubt to fuel their desires to achieve their goals. They are not the best at relationships or team work because they prefer to accomplish things on their own.

These sets of people are perfectionists in everything they do, and it is evident in their relationships. Their domineering spirit and attitude can be very frustrating for people around them. They hardly let people take the lead, which is not helpful in relationships. Their outspoken nature sometimes costs them their relationships as they can easily hurt the feelings of their partners.

The life path of a number one makes the person in constant search for independence and rise to power. They can take split second decisions that can change situations, and are also adept at charting new courses. As soon as one goal is reached, number one people are already in search of how to set and reach the next goal. There is this feeling of isolation that comes with being a number one due to the fact that they always want to be on top, but they always channel all their attention towards making more progress. Number one people can be very proactive and impatient with people who do not move at the same pace. This proactive nature makes them one of the first people to always grab opportunities as they come by, and the first to enjoy any rewards or benefits that come around. With the level of confidence and a fear of failure, they give it their all to make sure the job is done.

Have you ever had any encounter with a number one person? If yes, you will find out that they are diligent in what they do. The positivity from a number one is very infectious, and it helps a team work more efficiently, even if they prefer to head the team.

These characteristics discussed are not only peculiar to the number one people, but they sure possess most of them. So, when next you see a bossy person who is creative and does not do great with teams, ask him or her their birth date. You just may be surprised that they may be among the number one people.

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