Utilizing Professional Psychics: Who, What, Why and Where?

For years corporate executives have been utilizing psychic professionals, harnessing their creative and intuitive natures to evolve their businesses. Companies such as Microsoft, Arby’s, Turner/CNN all use intuitive development exercises, also known as ‘brain aerobics’ to inspire leadership and decision making.

ESP, aka: extrasensory perception, is the supposed ability to perceive things with other senses, such as telepathy. Newark College of Engineering spent ten years testing the assumed precognitive abilities of 5,000 executives, compiling notable statistics on the relationship between ESP and executive ability. It found that the managers studied were able to make the right decisions intuitively, even when those decisions went against established principles and current data.

For example, one study interviewed company presidents who doubled their firm’s profits over five years, discovering that those individuals scored significantly higher on standardized tests for precognition. In fact, tests that measured intuitive ability showed a better predictor of success than personality testing. It was also discovered that around 80% of the executives believed in the legitimacy of ESP because of how it had worked in their own lives, and not because of anything they had read or seen.

From these kinds of studies, we can conclude that simply analyzing a problem isn’t enough. We all face daily pressures, with deadlines to meet and challenges to overcome. Intuition can be a powerful tool when decisions need to be made quickly and alternative solutions aren’t immediately obvious. Although this may sound like an unscientific way of conducting business, it isn’t. If you’ve ever scolded yourself for making the wrong decision because you’ve gone against what your gut told you, or you ask yourself why you repeat the same patterns of behavior when an inner voice warns you not to, then you might benefit from hiring a professional psychic.

Roy Rowan, who authored ‘The Intuitive Manager,’ describes intuition as a ‘Eureka Factor,’ which is a moment we all experience when a sudden illumination helps us find what we’re looking for, and/or answers a question we’ve struggled with. It’s a feeling that tells us to stop and start.

Everyone possesses this ability in varying degrees, but women are more likely than men to harness it. This may be because woman process information faster than men and are better at understanding non-verbal communication, while men tend to score higher on tests that require visualization skills, such as mapping, three-dimensional object design and mathematical reasoning. But if you’ve ever reacted without conscious thought or effort, such as choosing a different route home only to find out you’ve avoided a dangerous situation, or wondering if someone close to you is okay, only for them to ring you, then you can learn how to tap into your intuitive abilities. It might sound counter-intuitive in a society that emphasizes facts and logic as the only tools for decision making, but corporations are starting to utilize business psychics to teach them how to pay better attention to their flashes of intuition, with surprising results.

For example, Gillian Oxley is one of Toronto’s top realtors, earning around $100 million in sales each year. She uses a psychic named Colette Baron-Reid to help advise and guide her on a wide range of business opportunities and client pitches. Colette calls herself an ‘intuitive counselor’ who offers strategic processes to remain ahead of the competition. Her list of clients includes other professionals in the energy and entertainment industries.

Even the late Steve Jobs used a psychic. He appointed a’ Zen master’ to serve as a spiritual advisor to Apple, and never regretted a moment of it; while several Wall Street professionals have admitted to hiring psychics to help them. One example is Seagate Technology, who hired Laura Day (dubbed ‘the psychic of Wall Street’) for $10,000 a month, stating that, “Anybody who can afford her will get 100 times their money’s worth.”

The fact that the industry has its fair share of skeptics is no surprise; however, what is surprising is the very few cases of fraud reported and sued for in court. Instead, the industry enjoyed a 2.2% growth from 2009 to 2014, with an estimated $1.9 billion revenue for those who practice astrology, mediumship, palmistry and numerology.

Those in the industry offer many services to their clients, but they all tend to be advisory positions. Discussing the issues a company might face, professional psychics can advise on subjects like optimal timing and strategy, intuitive risks, predictive outcome, investment insights, and more. They also offer coaching on how to ‘stretch’ the mind with brain aerobics to access and harness your innate intuition.

So, if you’re struggling to take your business to the next level, or you’re looking for answers to questions you haven’t yet asked, you might consider hiring a professional psychic to teach and guide you while you intuitively create a successful future.

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