Virgo zodiac sign, all you need to know

There are twelve (12) known zodiac signs with different personality traits. The Virgo Zodiac sign is one of the unique zodiac signs in the zodiac system. If you are a Virgo or you have a Virgo as friends, colleagues at work, or a relationship who you understand to be a Virgo, and you just want to know more about them; then this is a must-read for you. Knowing well about the Virgo Zodiac sign will give you the chance to understand what tickles them or, at the very least, what infuriates them so that you will be able to maintain healthy friendship for long. This blog post will show you some important Virgo’s personality traits and some useful advice that works for them.

How do you know if you are a Virgo?

If you are born between August 23rd to September 22nd, then you belong to this unique Zodiac sign. Virgo prides themselves as a loyal, meticulous and practical Zodiac sign who pays close attention to details and just wants to do the smallest of tasks in the most perfect way possible. Their thirst for perfection doesn’t make them stay far away from people, though they tend to expect too much of ideals from people who they trust and attach great values to. Virgo doesn’t like to fail or take a No as answer; this explains why you see them always trying so hard to put in their best in almost everything they lay their hands on. At the core of Virgo is a symbol which historically represents agriculture.

If you are Virgo and you just love to spend almost all hours on weekend in your kitchen, there is a reason for that. From research conducted across most learning institutions, 80% of Virgos claimed to be attracted to ingredients used in making food. Virgos are very active, creative and deeply rooted in organizing almost everything to achieve perfection. They love to do it better today than they did yesterday. They are loyal supporters, hence when you have a Virgo as friend; you can be sure you have gotten someone who is willing to weather the storm with you and bring out the best version of yourself. No one is 100% altruistic. Yes! But Virgo believes in true altruism and they are deeply rooted in helping people they really care about. Virgo’s personality is that of shyness and they most often do not want to be the center of attention in a party. If you invite your Virgo friend to your party, they are not the one to steal your show and make you look irrelevant

To have a thorough understanding of what Virgo is all about, this blog will describe the Virgo’s personality traits using three indexes which include;

-Positive personality traits
-Negative personality traits (Which they can always work on)
-Relationship (which will enable them to build a lifelong affair with anybody they fall in love with)

1. Positive Virgo qualities

Most of their positive traits are borne out of their desire to achieve excellence just on their own without having to beg or become a slave for anyone. Virgos are thoughtful and do not carry out an action unless it is something they have weighed out the advantages and the disadvantages. The traits below are some of the unique Virgo’s personalities;


Perhaps, no such Zodiac sign understands the importance of hardwork as much as Virgo. Virgos are attracted to hardworking people, and they tend to dislike anyone who comes off to them as lazy or not ambitious. They are not scared to get their hands dirty so far it is something they are passionate about. Virgo’s popular slogan screams hardworking.


Virgos are creative and they like to explore nature using their skills as bargaining chip. Virgos are great writers and they love to write. Virgo’s love for perfection and perfection is a function of their passion for mathematics, writing and work of arts. The Virgo’s ruling planet is mercury. Mercury is smart, so is Virgo.

Consistent, Reliable and trustworthy

Tell a Virgo the meeting is 8 AM, and it is 8 AM. They don’t like getting disappointed by people as much as they don’t like to disappoint people. They are great partners when it comes to executing projects to meet deadlines. They will always show up as agreed.

Love for beauty and elegance

Virgo women and men inclusive always crave for perfect appearance. This is why they tend to spend some time in front of the mirror before going out to a party or an expensive date. While they don’t like dressing to kill the show, they still cannot afford to look rough and unkempt.

2. Virgo’s negative traits

Virgos are stubborn

Yes! You read that. Virgos don’t like anything to get in their way after making a decision which they always think is perfect for the problem at hand. You can barely convince a Virgo to change their mind. Once they are set, they are set; and getting them to rescind their decision is mostly a rocket science.


Don’t try to understand what is going on in a Virgo’s mind because you most probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend. They keep their mind busy all the time trying to picture what should be done next to have the best result for the project at hand. They are critical and heavy thinkers.

3. Virgo’s relationship trait

Virgo is a best friend to a Scorpio

Virgos are reserved and somehow quiet; it is usually hard to get their best emotional side if you really do not know how to draw it out. But the moment you are able to connect with them and resonate with their psyche, they are the most amazing partner you can be with. Scorpio seems to be the best lover for this Zodiac sign as they have been shown to understand each other perfectly owing to the alignment of their Zodiac symbol.


Don’t expect a Virgo to be direct when it comes to a romantic adventure. They are most times subtle while expressing their affection for you, and they are expecting to understand the smallest of clues they drop.


Understanding the importance of the zodiac sign will allow us to make a well-rounded and better decision about the choice of our life partner and friends, and to further comprehend why people behave the way they do most of the time.


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