Libra, a sign of the zodiac

Libra is one of the signs of the zodiac. It is placed at number seven of the zodiac signs and symbols. It usually spans 180-210 degrees of the celestial longitude. Generally, it falls within September 23 (which is known as the September equinox) and October 22. Its symbol, the scales are actually based on Themis, the Greek personification of custom and divine law and the Scales of Justice held by her. “Lady Justice” of nowadays drew a lot of inspiration from her. Its ruling planet is Venus, and it is the only zodiac sign that is represented by an object that is not living, which a little is strange considering that the other eleven constellations are either represented by mythological characters or animals throughout history.

Libra as a zodiac sign is one of the three signs guided by the element, Air. The other two are Aquarius and Gemini. There is a general description of those born under the three signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra as rational, detached when it comes to personal situations, and calm. As stated earlier, its symbol is associated with Lustitia, a roman deity and the scales. Back in ancient Greece, Libra was ruled by the sign Scorpio, as it was between Scorpio and Virgo. They called it “Chelae” meaning “Claws”. It was, however, able to identify each star that makes up the Libra constellation. So, generally, the Libra duration is between September 22 and October 22, its zodiac element is Air, it has a cardinal zodiac quality, and its ruler is Venus.

The Libra traits will be briefly looked into below:

Some of their strengths include diplomacy, grace, fair-mindedness, social, and cooperative. Their weaknesses include avoiding any form of confrontation, carrying grudges, self-pity, and indecision. A Libra will generally like gentleness, sharing things with others, harmony, and being outdoors and will dislike injustice, violence, conformity, and noisemakers.
People that share this zodiac sign are mostly fair and peaceful, but also hate to be alone as they love partnership. They are so intrigued by symmetry and balance, always looking for equality and justice, and can do almost anything to avoid confusion and conflict anywhere they are. The Air sign gives them strong intellect, mental stimuli, and a very keen mind. Reading books is a part of their lives, discussing all the knowledge they get from there. They are careful, though when discussing because they are not so great at choosing sides. Venus is the ruler of this sign, making those under it good lovers of people and material things. Music, beautiful places, and art are some of the things a Libra would not trade for anything.

They always face a goal to find a compatible partner, and once they have found one, they make it their topmost priority to maintain harmony and peace in that romantic relationship. Their ability to love and be loved makes them compatible with almost everybody. The sign is a sign of marriage according to the ancient Greek, which would explain their tendency to love and be loved. They feel the need to fulfil their desires and tradition even though the element of Air gives them certain flexibility. A Libra always hopes to find a partner that can set boundaries. They can search for meaningful and peaceful relationships, making friends with those that are completely unrelated to them. Some may say it is a weakness, but they completely surrender body and soul to that one person they love so much, pledging to share their whole life with him or her. They can also be very independent when the need arises.
These people have been known to be highly social and have the tendency of dragging their friends to the top with them. However, they can set really high standards which makes them appear superior to the people around them. Their indecisive nature is a slight disadvantage and is sometimes evident. But that does not stop them from loving or being loved, especially when someone shows interest. They tackle problems with calm and are fair judges, listening to both parties before making any rash decisions. Transference of guilt is their thing, and they sometimes do it unknowingly. To avoid conflicts, they can agree with almost anyone, be it family or friends. In order to avoid a challenge and to preserve their personality, they withdraw to their shells when things get heated up.

The key to a fulfilled life for a Libra is finding the right balance, setting time and resources apart for their private life and to tend to the needs of the family. As leaders, they are loved even though the initiative to make the right decision may be lacking. They are also hardworking and deserving of all the privileges and accolades that come their way. Known as the roman judges in the old times, they make good judges and lawyers, dispensing justice as it should be. Their flexibility also helps them become great diplomats, composers, and designers as they have natural talents from childhood. They are team players and gifted public speakers. Their financial life is a bit complex, as they tend to stop spending a dime whenever they have a shred of doubt. They can balance spending and saving even though they also love good things like fashion and luxuries. They can, however, control their urge to spend, making them shrewd investors. A Libra always wants to have a loving partner that can see him or her the way they are. They want to open up and discuss real-life issues. They are always in search of someone with enough confidence and will so that they can feel secure whenever they are lost or feel indecisive. Some of these people may experience mood swings, but once they are in love, it lasts a long time.


The Libra sign is one of the twelve zodiac signs, and in this article, a general assessment of their characteristics have been discussed below. So, whenever you see someone exhibit some of these characteristics, look closely because the person may just be a Libra.


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