The Success of Paranormal Reality Shows

Since the advent of the television, no genre has captivated the watching populace so fervently, to the point where our daily lives appear ruled by what time our shows come on. It has even gotten to the point where this genre has given birth to sub-genres taking over possible aspect of life, from love, to money and job opportunities to paranormal activities. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Reality TV!!

Now the sub-genre of Reality TV that has seemingly burst out of nowhere is the paranormal reality TV.

You can define paranormal television as reality television’s sub-genre. What it deals with is the supposed factual investigations of what appears to be paranormal phenomena. It doesn’t deal with fictional depictions, but rather the cast or people in the show genuinely believe that they are able to either witness or investigate paranormal activities.

One show that comes to mind is the psychic/medium show. I have always wondered how shows like Long island medium made money. Turns out money making from paranormal TV, well most reality TV isn’t quite so clear cut.

The website Celebrity Net worth states Theresa Caputo has a Net worth of $3million. The bulk of that is due to her show and the image she has been able to cultivate off of it. People will always be curious about the other side and advertisers know this. She is reported to earn anything from $40,000 to $300,000 per episode as the networks cash in on the audience’s desire to know more about death and their loved ones.

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