Are more men and women using psychics and mediums today?

Finding meaning in life could be what men and women who use psychics and mediums have in common. While skeptics may doubt the existence of higher powers or spirits of the dead, believers claim to have experienced the power of the supernatural which has annihilated all doubts. Psychic reading is the use of heightened natural senses or perceptive abilities to obtain specific information. Mediums, on the other hand, mediate between the living and the dead. According to psychological studies, most Americans reported having believed in extrasensory perception (ESP) at one time or the other.

Interestingly, men and women use psychics and mediums despite gender, age, education, and financial status. Little wonder a study conducted by IBIS, a research firm, reported that psychic services increased by 2.4 percent between 2011 and 2016. Similarly, Gallup Poll recorded a heightened interest in the paranormal among Americans.

Psychics and Mediums on Subgroups


It may appear like the older generation is more inclined to the supernatural than the younger generation, but reverse is the case. Studies have shown that younger people of between the ages of 18 to 29 believe in ghosts and are more likely to use the services of psychics and mediums. On the other hand, those who are 65 and above are less likely to visit psychics.


With an equal number of men and women agreeing to the psychic phenomenon and the abilities of mediums, about 20 percent more women confess to having experienced supernatural phenomena such as ESP and telepathy. Women seem to have a deeper interest in the supernatural than men.


According to a study, people who have the highest level of education are less likely to believe in ghosts, haunted homes or the ability to communicate with the dead. However, the percentage of educated people who believe in the power of the mind is on a sharp increase. Americans with lower educational level have a stronger addiction to psychics and mediums.

Financial Status

Some studies show that the poorer people are, the more they believe in the supernatural. Those in this category are low-income earners and usually live in rural areas. While the report is debatable, people of high income can be strong believers in the supernatural too. A look at the reasons men and women use psychics and mediums will show the overlap between subgroups.

Reasons Men and Women Use Psychics and Mediums

About 15 percent of Americans admitted having used psychics and mediums. Some grew up believing in the supernatural despite age, gender, education, or financial status. Others look for peace of mind and something to hold on to in times of crisis. In 2016, a survey conducted by Chapman University revealed that millennials were in majority and were searching and seeking answers. The desire to have alternative choices can be a good reason as most people do not want to experience confusion when making personal decisions like whom to be a relationship with. Added to these, men and women use psychic and mediums as a way to have fun and find relaxation.

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