Stellium in astrology is happening now.

In a birth chart, there are different Zodiac signs. This indicates the placement of the planets according to your time of birth. We all have different Zodiac signs since we are born on different dates and times. You can examine a birth chart to discover where you are placed. Among all these, we have the stellium, a combination of two or more planets. To be considered a stellium, signs must show that you have a mix of many planets. For your birth chart to show a stellium, you must feel the energy deeply rooted in your life. Your stellium can consist of planets such as the sun, moon, mercury and more.
Those who see a cluster of more than two planets in their signs can be said to be a stellium. If you have a stellium, it is easy to see how concentrated your energy is in a particular area of your life. For instance, it is easy to be bothered by what people think about you instead of focusing on other areas of your life. A stellium is why work is the priority of some people when you see them. They tend to pour all their energy into the work they do instead of relationships.

What happens when there is a Stellium in astrology?

If you have a stellium on your birth chart, it is possible for your body to feel intense energy at the moment. Such energy will make you focus on an area of life while abandoning the other. This happens because multiple planets have come together in an area of the zodiac sign. You can take advantage of this so it won’t affect other aspects of your life. If you are born in a planetary stellium, it won’t just be evident on the birth chart, and your life will also portray this.

Due to this cluster being formed by the planet meeting at the same astrological house, there will be a clashing of personalities. When the individuals with these signs experience this, it can be uncomfortable and confusing. However, you need to see this as an opportunity to align yourself with the intense energy that you feel. There is always a lesson to learn from whatever happens in our lives. The energy is intense because the planets that form a cluster are made of different personalities. A study has shown that last year in February, there was a cluster of six planets discovered together. They were found in Aquarius qualities, involving many personal planets such as Mercury, sun, moon, and Venus. Many slow-moving planets were not exempted; this includes Jupiter.

Right now, if you are feeling the signs of stellium happening in your life, you cannot avoid it. Try to embrace it by acknowledging its presence. Accept this as the time to focus on your career and achieve your goals. Don’t be too bothered by the emphasis on that area of your life. By being upset, you are not going to make any progress. If you concentrate on improving your life, you will easily align this intense energy to making your life better.

However, the extent to which this energy is intense depends on the celestial body on the planets in which they are clustered. A stellium will make certain areas of your life more apparent. It is easy for you to make massive progress in these areas. It could be a relationship or any other area of life. If you don’t notice this in your life, it is possible that you might notice it in people that you interact with daily. You might see them taking an area of their life on a more personal level compared to others. When you see such people, don’t refer to them as “weirdos” because they were born with a stellium. A stellium can have many qualities that make them stronger and willing to do things till they achieve a positive result. It is also possible to find stellium who are introverted, emotional and fascinated with life happenings.

How do you discover if you have a stellium?

This is why we have the birth chart. All you need to know if you have a stellium is by getting the essential information. These include your birth date, location and time. There are online birth chart generators that are useful for this purpose. You can input this into the generator, and they produce accurate results. It will be best for you to understand that each existing planet in astrology moves at a different pace when passing the zodiac sign. Using the sun as a case study, it moves through the zodiac sign and switches every month, unlike the moon, which does this in less than a month (mainly in a few days). Once these movements lead to the grouping of three or more planets in a zodiac sign, a stellium is bound to occur. You will discover this on a birth chart. We say three or more because two can form a cluster easily; this often happens in an astrological house.

In conclusion,

With this intense energy exhibited by those with a cluster of four or more planets, they feel easily exhausted. The energy can sometimes be draining, and this affects your creativity level. However, if you know yourself better, you will be able to work on your stellium. You need to know if you have a stellium. This will help you realize why you are more concentrated in one area of your life. Being aware of these signs is usually beneficial. You can use them to your purpose by prioritizing a specific area of your life over the other. Each planet is not for fashion, and they exist for a purpose. If this sounds confusing, don’t hesitate to consult astrology for a more advanced explanation. They are in a better position to give a comprehensive meaning to the planets, signs and how it relates to our birth.

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