The Ninth Sign In The Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

The Chinese calendar is unique in several ways, and one of those ways is that various animals represent each calendar month, known as the Chinese zodiac. These animals are not just randomly picked to represent each month, for they have unique attributes and features associated with people born in those months. And the ninth month is represented by the monkey, an animal the Chinese adored for its cleverness and because it is believed they bring luck. The monkey zodiac sign is linked with one of the famous monkeys, the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), born from a stone and has some excellent characteristics associated with the monkey sign, such as braveness, intelligence, and rebellious talent. While having many valuable attributes, the Chinese people are grateful for the monkey sign. It has a protective spirit for children, which makes them welcome by families and creates a lively and happy atmosphere around them. The Monkey Years include 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028…

People born in the year of the monkey have specific unique attributes, which include Active, quick-witted, intelligent, humorous, friendly, capable, brave, just. People born in the year of the monkey are smart and intelligent; teachers and mentors also love them for they show significant improvement in their development and excellent understanding of the subject matters. They are much appreciated in organizations because of their wits, intelligence, and productivity. Also, they can do well in a leadership role for their initiative nature and urge to take up new challenges and ensure they succeed in their ventures. People born in the monkey year are usually highly favored because of their helpful and humorous nature, making them likable. Unlike other zodiac signs, the monkeys are very tolerant. Thus they are easy to go along with because of their likability. Being humorous and intuitively happy, they usually help create a comfortable environment, and they can easily win the trust and affection of people that come close to them.

Although people born in the monkey year are generally tolerable, their love compatibility is not as straightforward. Being intelligent and intuitive creations, they enjoy a relationship with smart people that match their intuitiveness. They want to enjoy spending time with their partners, so they will appreciate one who can meet up to their intellectual level and spark their minds. It is beyond the physical with those they want to spend time with, and the monkey characteristics enjoy an intelligent and mature conversation. They are more comfortable with mature and independent people, so if you want to get it smooth with those born in the year of the monkey, try to develop interests and hobbies that entice these people. However, they can fall deeply in love when they find the right partner and get attached to building a lasting relationship.

Their characteristics make them suitable for various jobs and occupations, including Linguists, diplomats, journalists, entertainers, business, professional athletes, stockbrokers, detectives, lawyers, programmers. They are full of energy, determined, and can take on any venture with their intelligence. However, with their high energy and determination, they are suited explicitly to the sports and entertainment industry, where they have continued to make a huge impact. Also, aligned with strong logical thinking, analytical skills, and competitive nature, they can perform excellently in the financial and capital industry. With their calm mind, they can approach things logically, take up new challenges and deal with facts, and they are likely to be best in journalism, linguistics, detectives, diplomats and lawyers. Monkey women are very competitive and ambitious, making them productive in the workplace and usually attain greater height because of their push and ability to see things done. While for men, humor is a significant characteristic, and they can make people comfortable and happy around them. The men and women can use their attributes to attain their goals and objectives.

The monkey zodiac signs have been classified into five according to the year of the monkey, and they include wood monkey, fire monkey, earth monkey, metal monkey and water monkey. You will find these five elements in Chinese culture, and they shape the traits of the individual born in the various years of the monkey. Those born in the year of the monkey 1932, 1992are time conscious and highly efficient, and prefer doing things in an orderly fashion. These people get irritated with a disorderly arrangement or anything that will waste their time doing productive tasks.

While the metal monkeys born in 1920 and 1980 are clever, sensitive, talented and confident. They make good students and can solve problems, taking up new challenges with ease and confidence. They best suit innovators and inventors who like to get their hands and new things. The earth monkeys born in 1908 and 1968 are Earnest, considerate, principled, far-sighted and planned. Being orderly, they are highly conscientious, and good planners make them suitable as financial and economic advisers. And the next one is the fire monkey, who is Intelligent, mature-minded, thoughtful, and adaptable. They are very determined and take all necessary measures and approach to ensure they achieve their objective. They are ready to follow any task to the end with strong determination. The fire monkey is your best option if you want to get anything done.

And lastly, we have the wood monkey, which was born in 1944 and 2004; its significant attributes include being Steady, responsible, hardworking, and holding a strong sense of teamwork. In addition, they are reliable and work efficiently with others in the workplace as they can be reliable partners.

The monkey zodiac signs are highly compatible with the ox, who complement their traits, and they can build a strong bond. But, on the other hand, the monkey and the rabbit can form a fun and loving relationship because they share similar hobbies and personalities. Since the monkey has a high mental element, they are not compatible with the Tiger, who has a high temperament and may struggle to take control of the relationship with the monkey.

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