The signs of the Zodiac are twelve in number, and Scorpio is the eight. It is a sign known to get its origin from the Scorpius constellation. In the ecliptic longitude, it spans from 210 degrees – 240 degrees. In the western astrology, the sun shows this sign from around October 23 to November 22. Meanwhile, in Hindu astrology, the sun shows this sign from November 16 to December 15. Considering these two, it is a little difficult making a choice. So it all boils down to the type of zodiac system used, be it the tropical zodiac system or the sidereal zodiac system. The sign of the Scorpio is one of the water signs. There are three signs under Water, and they are Pisces, cancer, and Scorpio. Any person born under the Scorpio influence is mostly called a scorpion or Scorpio. The sign itself is a negative one and is mostly associated with three major animals which are the snake, the eagle or phoenix and the scorpion (whose colours are black and maroon, according to the Astrology bible).

Let us establish some facts: Their element is Water, their quality is fixed, and some of its colours are red rust, and scarlet. Its major day is Tuesday. The Scorpio sign has two rulers, Mars and Pluto. They are commonly compatible with Cancer and Taurus. It has some lucky numbers, which are 8, 11, 18, and 22. We have stated earlier that there may be variations due to the different zodiac systems, but their general date range is October 23 – November 21.

Now, let us discuss some of their traits. A Scorpio is very resourceful, passionate, brave, truly friendly, and stubborn. The weaknesses of a Scorpio are jealousy, violence, secretive, and they can be very distrusting. They like to be told the truth. They also love to spend time teasing with longtime friends, share facts, and are truly always up for some grand passion. What they do not like, however, is revealing their secrets, passive and dishonest people.

A Scorpio can be very assertive and passionate. They are decisive and very determined, digging to new depths until the truth is uncovered. They make great leaders due to the fact that they are very resourceful and aware of everything around them. Since it is a water sign, you should not be surprised when they express deep emotions and share experiences. They manifest these emotions in a different way to others, but you should not be scared because they can guard your secrets with their lives.
Pluto is the ruler of the Scorpio sign, and regeneration and transformation are its main traits. These traits make Scorpions calm and collected, and they exhibit a different appearance. They can be fierce, but only because they are conversant with the universe and its rules. Some of them look older and more dedicated, making them leaders. They can be very jealous and do not react well to dishonesty, making them always suspicious. They have a lot of friends and are brave, but with these friends, they always try to adapt to various human behaviours. Scorpios are associated with the scorpion because they can have a distinctive stint. The “Sting” means that they can be very patient, taking action when you least expect it. They live life like a game of chess, studying the moves of others before making theirs. This does not make them criminally minded as they detest dishonesty.

Being the most sensual of all the zodiac signs, it is no wonder they are extremely intimate and passionate. They always need honest and intelligent partners because they are dedicated and faithful lovers. Due to their distrusting nature, they take some time to love, respect and trust their partners completely. Their sexual appeal makes them beguiling and seductive since the Scorpio sign is the most associated with the sexual organs. They crave emotional intimacy, physical closeness, and spiritual illumination from their sexual partners. They are fair and honest with both friends and family. Dedication and loyalty is their watchword when they are at work. Full of surprises that can out-wit you with their superior intelligence, making it better for them to be with people of equal abilities. They love their family and friends, but if they get let down once, it’s difficult for them to give a second chance. When they are down, it is difficult to lift their spirits, which is why they do not trust easily. However, family and friends come first in their lives.

To attract a Scorpio, you will need to be challenging and adventurous. They are also very attracted to affectionate and honest people. They keep an air of mystery around them, and you have to be able to manage the feeling if you want to be close to them. Intimacy and sexual experience beyond this world are what they crave, and they do not like to be controlled. Their fascinating and complex personalities also make them attractive to other people. Everyone would obviously feel attracted to a young, intelligent, confident, and honest person.

When it comes to money and career, Scorpions are excellent. They manage and solve problems with relative ease. When they need to, they are very creative. They always set goals and reach them, no matter the circumstances. Given their intellectual abilities, they can solve any problems using different approaches. Focus, determination, and zero sentiments make them worthy managers. Most of them have jobs as managers, researchers, detectives, scientists, psychologists, and any other jobs that require a high level of intelligence. They demand as much respect as they give. As a manager, a Scorpio always works within the budget and always strives for better financial positions. They are not the spending type even though they love good things. To them, saving money and making investments is the top priority.

These traits are according to the horoscope, so there may be some other traits that are not stated here. However, most of these traits are common with the Scorpio, as with the others. So, when next you see someone exhibiting some of these traits, call that person and ask this question, are you a Scorpio?

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