Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the Zodiac

Every month of the year is being ruled by Zodiac signs. These Zodiac signs can be used to present some of the characteristics of the individuals. In this article, we will be discussing the sign, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is one of the Zodiac or astrological signs. It is the ninth of them and spans between 240 degrees and 270 degrees of the Zodiac. It is also of the constellation of Sagittarius. Under the Zodiac, it spans from November 23 – December 21. It is also closely associated with the Centaur Chiron, the mentor of Achilles, a well-known Greek hero in the art of archery, according to Greek mythology. The Sagittarius is connected to the half horse and half human or the centaur, who was a skilled healer with superior intelligence that is believed to form the bridge between heaven and earth.

Its symbol is the bow and arrow, and Sagittarius is also known as the archer.

It is part of the fire trigon that includes Leo and Aries. It is also a mutable sign like Virgo and Gemini. When the Sagittarius is represented by the archer, the human side is depicted, but when represented by the centaur, the beast side is depicted. The sign has a positive polarity, has Jupiter as its ruling planet, and light blue as its spirit color, and its love match is usually Aries.

People born under this sign are usually called Sagittarians, and they possess some exciting traits. A Sagittarian is very strong-willed and independent, having enough courage to always chart a different course. They are natural leaders who always go after whatever they want, no matter the opinion of others. They love adventures, explorations, and travels. They can make great mind-readers and love to learn more from reading books and watching movies.

They are generous, big-spirited, truthful, and open-hearted. Their truthfulness can lead them to hurt the feelings of most people around them, but they are always determined to keep telling the truth. They are always considerate, quick to put themselves in the shoes of others. This trait is very helpful for those of them in the entertainment industry. You can trust them to tell you the truth, and also to hold your deepest secrets.

A Sagittarian is giving and adventurous in relationships, always trying to do new things. Their love for honesty and truthfulness makes it a little difficult for them to go into relationships, and they are always longing for truthful and honest partners. When they do not find what they want in any relationship or friendship, they are quick to move on because they never want to trade their happiness for anything else.

When Sagittarians want to be creative, they are always at their best. They make good team players because their enthusiasm and energy can be very infectious. They have been known to make great entrepreneurs and CEOs because they are capable, smart, and have the unique ability to see projects to the end, no matter the cost.

Some of their greatest gifts are their ability to do things on their own with little or no help from anybody, and it is no wonder they are fondly called trailblazers. They have a third eye for opportunities and ideas that other people do not see. When they see that opportunity or have that bright idea, their determination and self-belief give them that assurance and confidence to always take the right step.

They can be very blunt when they handle situations, but it does not stop them from putting the needs of others into consideration. They do not stray from their values, no matter what it would cost. Doing things alone and independently does not stop them from working with teams. With their symbol, the archer, they are passionate about outdoor activities and nature in general. Things like hunting and caring for plants and animals give them a sense of purpose. Do you need someone you can spend wild weekends with? Or someone you can call a great travel partner? Get yourself a Sagittarian. A Sagittarian is not dumb, but they always tend to see the good in people. They act like their default setting is “Believe” and “Trust.” Their reluctance to deviate from positive vibes can be mistaken for naivety some of the time, but this does not bother them, as long as bad energy stays away.

A Sagittarian looks calm and passionate on the outside, but they can be very deep thinkers when they choose to be. Figuring things out, solving mysteries, and creating theories are their passions. They are more comfortable being in the intellectual and mental realm than in the emotional realm. So, the reality is the way to go for them, and they are philosophers at heart.
They love pets, especially horses and dogs, but every animal can be their pets. Some call them animal-whisperers, and they are not totally wrong because Sagittarians seem to share a kind of connection with animals. They can also travel far and wide because of their love for nature. Tell a Sagittarian that you are preparing for a long trip, and you just got yourself a great travel partner. The Zodiac’s ultimate adventurer, they seem stimulated by new landscapes and open waters. In sports, most Sagittarians are uniquely gifted, adept, and competitive. The idea of winning triggers them, and they can infect teammates with the winning mentality.

Their ability to express themselves makes them good entertainers. Most are writers, actors, and actresses, and their social and perceptive skills are second to none. Their love for adventure and freedom applies to their relationship lives.

To attract a Sagittarian, you need to have these basic traits: Love for adventure, passion, and competition. There is no dull moment with a Sagittarian, so you need to be an exciting person to hang out with them. With all these positive vibes, it is quite easy to imagine what happens when a Sagittarian meets a Sagittarian, right?


Sagittarians are the Zodiac’s adventurers, and this is saying a lot. Most of the traits discussed in this article are not entirely unique to Sagittarians, but they possess most of them. So, when you see someone who possesses some of these traits, that person may just be a Sagittarian.

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