Pisces, a great sign of the horoscope

The twelfth sign of the Zodiac is Pisces. It spans between 330 degrees and 360 degrees of the celestial longitude. Using the tropical zodiac, the sun transits between February 19 and March 20 but using sidereal astrology, and the sun crosses the Pisces constellation from March 12 to April 18. The fish symbol of the Pisces is derived from the Ichthyocentaurs, who was known to have aided Aphrodite. According to tropical astrologers, the present astrological age is the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Pisces.

The element of Pisces is water. Its quality is mutable. The colors most associated with Pisces are lilac, purple, violet, mauve, and sea green. Its favorite day is Thursday, and its rulers are Neptune and Jupiter. The sign Pisces is most compatible with Virgo and Taurus. The lucky numbers are 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24. The date is not so specified, but the date range exists from February 19 to March 20. The symbol of Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions signifying the division of Pisces between reality and fantasy.

The strengths of Pisces are musical, wise, gentle, intuitive, compassionate, and artistic. Their weaknesses include overly trusting, sad, fearful, being victimized, and even a desire to try and be free from reality. The Pisces like being alone, music, sleeping, visual media, spiritual themes, swimming, and romance. They dislike being criticized, know-it-all, the cruelty of all kinds, and the past coming to haunt them.

Pisces can be very friendly, making them find themselves with different people. The Pisces are willing to offer help to others, are selfless and prefer to do things without expecting anything in return. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces possess artistic talent and can be more intuitive than most people. It is a water sign and is characterized by expressed emotional capacity and empathy. Pisces are mostly connected with music and they show preferences in their early stages. They can be very generous, extremely caring, faithful, and compassionate. Most Pisces have great understanding of the cycle of life and maintain the best relationships with human beings. Pisces are really close to psychic because they feel things too deeply and have deep gut decisions. They can easily predict who is good or bad or how situations will turn out from the onset. They are also very intelligent and have great respect for the power that resides in the human mind. 

Pisces are known for their wisdom and are influenced by Uranus. Most Pisces can be martyred to catch the attention of the people. They are not known to be judgmental and forgive easily. They are also known for their high level of tolerance.

Pisces are strong romantics deep down in their hearts. They give unwavering loyalty and generous, and are also very gentle. They can be passionate lovers who are always in need of constant connection to their partners. They are caring and gentle and can make some of the best friends around. Their selflessness means they always put the needs of people before their own needs. They can always sense wrongs and express their feelings to the people involved. They also expect this same feeling in return because communication is very important to Pisces. Pisces can be very creative, dreamy, and intuitive. They also feel the need to show their creative sides when needed. Some of the occupations best suited for Pisces include musicians, architects, social workers, veterinarians, game designers, and any other profession that permits creativity. They can cross boundaries and go the extra mile to make changes in people's lives. Problem-solving, compassion, dedication, reliability, and hard work are also some of their greatest suits. They are not so great with money but are more focused on achieving their dreams and reaching their goals. They can be very stingy or very free giving when they want to be. They just love to be content with their money.

Pisces seems quiet on the surface but are really strong people who can decide right and wrong because of the good guidance of their moral compass. They can command the respect of crowds and have the rare tendency of absorbing everything around them and give good advice on things concerning life. They have a care-free approach to life and can accept any kind of judgment passed. Pisces is always in line with all the happenings of our everyday existence and have been known to see the beauty in even the ugliest of situations. This is one very unique trait of the Pisces, making them great partners.

Romance rules in the life of Pisces. They live to love and please. Opening completely to them makes them your greatest allies. Pisces can entice you with their wild imaginations, make you laugh, and may even be able to seduce you with the way they analyze things. Once you capture the heart and mind of Pisces, you are definitely in for a treat. They can be very great with lively discussions about the supernatural and spiritual things. They are quick to figure out what

anyone wants from them, be it love, money, or sex. They treat people with respect and also demand the same from them. Most of them are very sensitive to matters concerning the heart, so if they get hurt, it is very difficult for them to forgive and forget. It may also take a very long while for them to live again if they are being hurt. With their great intuition, they hardly make life mistakes. They can also possess a very playful nature and a huge sense of humor. They are not judgmental so what other people do is not really their business. This does not mean that they do not care; they only offer help when it is needed. Their connection to nature is priceless, and they inspire people to connect to nature as well.

They are really the coolest people around, and you will always be impressed by whatever they do.

With all these traits, it is impossible not to spot Pisces wherever you see them. So, look closely and confirm when you see someone with all these traits. They just might be Pisces.

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