The Eighth Chinese Zodiac Sign

There are twelve Chinese zodiac signs, with each having its function, significance, and role in Chinese society and culture. Zodiac signs have long been used in Chinese culture as a way of telling time and establishing principles. Each year is represented by an animal, which is commonly referred to as zodiac signs. The zodiac signs are a classification scheme in Chinese culture based on the lunar calendar, which assigns an animal with its reputed attributes to each year in a twelve-year repeating cycle. The Chinese zodiac signs are used by other countries and cultures and not just by the Chinese

The eighth Chinese zodiac sign is the Goat that comes before the Monkey and after the Horse. According to Chinese mythology, the Goat is positioned eighth in the Chinese zodiac because it came in at the eighth position during the race organised by the jade emperor (the supreme immortal). The emperor Jade created a calendar and called in all creatures on earth to a race, and the first twelve to cross the line were awarded signs and included in the emperor's calendar. The ancients painstakingly selected the animals as they were related to the daily lives of the Chinese or had lucky meanings in Chinese culture and society.

The Goat belongs to the fourth trine of the Chinese zodiacs together with the Pig and Rabbit. These three animals and their personality are generally calm and reasonable to a large extent; they seek beauty and other aesthetic features. People with Goat personalities also possess these qualities of caring for others; they are self-sacrificing, compassionate, yet detached and resigned to their space and conditions. Goat personality people are prudent, obliging, tactful, sensible, creative, and empathetic. Goat personality people can be naive, pedantic, insecure, pessimistic, selfish, and indecisive.The Goat zodiac sign has 羊, yáng (未) as its character, Ying and its Ying/Yang force, and earth as its fixed element. The last Goat year in the Chinese lunar calendar year system was in the year 2015 of the Gregorian calendar. The next Goat year would be in the year 2027 of theGregorian calendar.

The Chinese zodiac signs are used to define or predict several events in Chinese society or other Asian countries where they are used. The Goat zodiac is composed of five elements, with each of those elements closely related. These close relations help to determine the compatibility of people in terms of love or marriage. This is done with the belief that each person born under any animal zodiac sign in the universe has a different personality supposedly. Goat sign persons are best compatible with Pig, Horse, and Goat sign people on the compatibility grid of zodiac signs. In contrast, the signs with an average link to Goat sign people are Snake, Rabbit, Rooster, Loong, and Monkey. Signs that are a bad match for Goat personality people are Dog, Of, and Tiger. Rat sign people are a very harmful match for Goat sign people, and hence Goat people should avoid marriage relations with Rat personality people according
to Chinese astrology.

The goat symbol is gentle and kind. People with goat personality signs like to live in their dream world. The Goat people love nature and always want to keep things clean and neat. This is why it can sometimes be difficult for Goat people to find a best friend and spouse even though they have best matches with fellow Goat people, Pig and Horse people.

The Goat sign in positioning on the lunar month calendar is the sixth month as on the traditional Chinese agricultural calendar of Chinese astrology, which runs alongside the Gregorian calendar with a difference of one or two days. The Goat sign belongs to the summer season with two solar longitudes, 104° and 119°. The 104° solar longitude of the Goat sign has xiǎoshǔ as its solar term, while the 119° solar longitude has dàshǔ as its solar term. The Goat sign corresponds to the Gregorian date range of Jul 7 – Jul 22 are of the cancer Zodiac approximation in the western zodiac system. The Goat sign also corresponds to the Gregorian calendar range of Jul 23 – Aug 6 and is of the Leo zodiac approximation in the western zodiac systems. Some previous and future Goat years include: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051.

The Goat sign has lucky and unlucky traits to numbers, flowers, direction, and numbers attached to it. The lucky numbers of the Goat sign are 2 and 7. Brown, red, and purple are the lucky colours of the Goat sign. Carnations and primroses are the lucky flowers of the Goat sign, while North is the lucky direction of the Goat sign. The Goat sign has 4 and 9 as its unlucky numbers. Blue and black are the unlucky colours of the Goat zodiac sign, while the southwest is the unlucky direction of the Goat zodiac sign.

It is believed that during the years of specific animals in the zodiac signs, people born in the years of their animal signs have very good fortunes generally even if they are not doing very well in their careers or they are having difficulties. In this light, Goat people are expected to have very good fortunes in 2027, which is the next expected Goat year according to the Chinese calendar.

There are also monthly Goat horoscopes counted according to the lunar calendar. The horoscope for people born in the year of Goat this year 2021 is not very favourable, especially in finances and career. Hence prognosis shows that Goat people should be very careful and enduring as there would be difficult changes at their jobs. In terms of wealth, Goat people should not venture into investments this year as their income would be reduced sharply. Healthwise, Goat people will be generally healthy although physical diseases may appear as long as they get good rest, they should recover soon enough.

Generally, one can say that the goat year comes with several unique personalities. People who fall in that year are mostly always prepared for every occasion. They are good and kind and
make very trustworthy friends who stick with you no matter what.

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