The seventh Chinese zodiac sign

The Horse comes seventh in the Chinese zodiac sign after the snake and before the goat. According to a Chinese myth, the Jade Emperor made it known that the order of the zodiac sign would be based on the arrival of each animal to his party. On the Horse’s way to the party, he chose to ply the cemetery path to get to the party fast, but it was too scary for him. This journey eventually took him a long time because he ended up going through the cemetery with his eyes closed. Upon overcoming all these setbacks, the Horse raced along at full speed, attaining the seventh position to the party. The Horse also has a connection with the Earthly Branch and the hours 11-13 mid-day. The Horse is referred to as Yang in the Ying Yang term. The Horse, known as the head among six other domestic animals, plays a vital role in moving from one place to another. Additionally, they are important in war.

Horses represent freedom and speed in Chinese culture. There are a few ethnicities in China that worship and revere this seventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. This is most common in the Northern part of China, such as the Manchurians and the Mongolians. Certain years in China are known as the year of the Horse. As a result, people born within these years are known as “Horses” in Asian countries. Some of these years include 1930, 1942, 1954, and more. Therefore, if you are born in any of these years, you are a horse. Generally, the horse year is dated by the Chinese lunar calendar. (This usually begins on the Chinese New Year)

People who are born within these years are energetic, active, and animated excessively. They do not love isolation and love to be in the midst of people known and unknown. As a result, some of the things they love to do include being in large gatherings such as parties, theater, meetings, and other crowded places. They find it pleasing to take center stage to become a point of focus for the audience. In some cases, they can be quite self-centered, caring for no one but themselves alone. However, this isn’t an indication that they care less about what bothers others. These people are usually funny, with a great sense of humor. They are not always the most intelligent in the room, but they are more of the party’s life.

On the other hand, they can lack confidence in some aspects. It is often easy for them to adapt and understand new things; they are also great at multitasking. Unfortunately, horses are not known to complete anything they start. This is because they are quick to chase the next opportunity without thinking about completing the present and gaining positive or negative results. Horses communicate well and are kings or queens of the limelight. To compensate for their reduced intelligence, they are usually really kind. They are cheerful and stubborn but will be the first to propagate an adventurous opportunity or activity.

Horses are popular among their friends and are not lazy when it comes to working. While they do not like being reconciled with failure, they have many short-term endeavors. On the aspect of their weakness, horses cannot bear excessive constraint. They don’t have enough patience and are hot-tempered in all aspects other than their daily engagements. Horses do not depend on anyone and will hardly take words of advice from anyone. When they fail, they can become pessimists. However, they can be very enduring, but their temperance is one of their downsides. They are heavy spenders, wasteful, and are weak when it comes to financial matters. They are not efficient when it comes to financial budgeting, and horses rarely fall sick. This is because they have a positive outlook on life and strive to live healthy, happy lives.

Furthermore, they are athletic. When they are ill, they will feel trapped and restricted. They are lovers of positions that allow communication with others and are not so much into taking orders. They also prefer to run from routine jobs.  The elements of horses include fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. People who have the fire element (1996, 2026) are bright. They have the natural qualities of leading a group of people. They are skillful people and tend to solve issues with the support of friends and loved ones. They are at times resistant to criticisms. People who have the earth element (1978, 2038) love to work. They are enthusiastic about helping friends and others. Although they make lots of errors at times, people still love them. The metal element (1930, 1990), these people are kind hearted and optimistic. They are direct and blunt when it comes to handling matters, even when they hurt others. They greatly value love and always want a partner that will get used to their faults.

Water element people (1942, 2002) can be emotional but do not have enough patience in certain matters. However, their friends remain with them even amid this attribute. Receiving recognition from higher-ups at work is an easy achievement. The ability to attract others quickly is one of their traits. However, while they quickly attract people, they take their time to form true relationships. Wood element (1954, 2014) people are full of imagination. They assess events and activities from a unique point of view. They are keen to let people in on their ideas. These people have sensitive emotions but make efficient leaders.

Men born in the horse year do not depend on anyone. However, they treat everyone with sincerity and are also gentle. Noticing these people in any group is easier as a result of their selflessness and humor. They can also go the extra mile to help others solve their problems. Women born in this year, on the other hand, are beautiful. They also give off a refreshing aura and are easy-going too. Whatever they do, they impressively do it. The unique thing about these people is that they do not need motivation from anyone to do these things. As long as it doesn’t stop what they love to do, their success is guaranteed. Making decisions can sometimes be a problem because Instead of clearly outlining and mapping out things they want to do, they prefer leaving them to fate.

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