The number six in numerology

Let us think of things this way, and every person possesses some traits that make them unique in so many ways. The same thing goes for numerology. We can agree that the numerological order is made up of single-digit numbers from 1 – 9; these unique numbers have some traits, energies, and personalities that define them. The understanding of the numbers in numerology is vital as it helps you to understand the people you see around you. These numbers are often part of birth dates or numerological readings, but one thing is sure, you will always see them around you wherever you look. When you see or hear the number six, the first thing that comes to mind is love.
The number six is just a full representation of the things of the heart. It solely represents the ability to heal, nurture, support, and express unconditional love. The force of a number six is that of empathy and compassion, and it is also a beacon of hope for the heartbroken. To the number six, the heart and soul should be used to serve others and make them more fulfilled. The number six is built for every kind of partnership, especially the ones that are emotional. Their tendency to be truthful and honest makes others more comfortable. They go the extra mile to please you, and they can let their guards down just to make sure you are happy and get all the help and support you need. Everybody deserves a number six in their life to be truly fulfilled and happy.

What are the strengths of the number five are:

They can be protective: The number six loves unconditionally, and this allows them to speak up for the people that do not have a voice. It is worse when the family is involved. If they sense a threat to their spiritual or emotional balance, they become very defensive and protective.

They can be very supportive: The number six is known as a shoulder to cry on because they are equipped with a soft heart and a kind presence. They also give some heartfelt advice. The number six is always willing to listen to advice and seek some whenever they need it. They can channel their healing abilities and compassion where it is needed.

They are romantic: The number six is the most romantic of all the numbers. They put all their work to create a mutual and peaceful relationship. Their happiness depends on the happiness of others, so they direct all their efforts to make other people happy. Romance is one of the most important things in a relationship, and this makes the number six maintain successful relationships and friendships with people.

The weaknesses of the number six include:

They can self-sacrifice: Putting other people before themselves sometimes tends to be a disadvantage to the number six. Its compassion is so much that they tend to neglect their own well-being and needs. They do not always realize that there is only so much they can do to help people.

They can be very passive: They want to always maintain peace everywhere they go at all costs. This allows people to take advantage of them too easily. Those with controlling and commanding energies can easily subdue the number six because the number six would rather succumb than speak up for themselves.

They can be idealistic: The number six always sees the world as ideal, and they easily forget that we exist in the real world. They want others to them the same way they would treat others. Knowing that this is not possible tends to shift them from a perfect balance, making them imbalanced and uncomfortable.

The number six always has a heart filled with extreme emotions, and they follow this heart religiously. The energy they give out is one of acceptance and warmth to those around them. Due to this tendency to love, they enjoy fruitful friendships and relationships. No matter who you are, the number six always tends to treat you with love, kindness, support, and maximum respect. They have that unique ability to see white, black, and the shades of grey in between.

They fare better in professions like teachers, mentors, humanitarians, and counselors that offer advice and aid to others. They always want to raise funds, speak up, and offer protection and support to the people in dire need of it. The idea of the number six is that lighting someone else’s candle does not make yours shine less bright, and it is a strong guiding principle for them. They know the world needs more love, and they are willing to give it. They experience a sweet romantic and love life because of the love they offer to their partners. Even though relationships do not last forever, they give it their best while it lasts. If there is a failed relationship, it is not always the fault of the number six. Most of them are so engrossed with love sharing that they forget that they themselves need to be loved too. They do not believe that they need to love themselves just as much as they love others—the moment they understand that they will truly become fulfilled and balanced in life.

In the Tarot card deck, the number six is represented by the Lovers because of the partnership and love it shares. The number six always gives its best to make things work. In the zodiac, the number six is represented by the sixth sign, Virgo, because this sign is service-oriented and is all-in when it comes to improving the lives of others. Two other signs associated with the number six are Libra and Taurus because they are symbols of devotion and desire.

The number six is a little bit complicated in the sense that they tend to put others before themselves instead of the other way round. However, everybody needs at least one number six to feel loved and fulfilled, so when next someone shows you unconditional love, there should only be one question on your mind, is this person a number six?

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