The sixth sign in the Chinese zodiac: Snake

The Chinese calendar has various animals that make up its zodiac sign. Here the snake comes as the sixth in the twelve-year cycle. The snake has a certain number of years in this cycle, ranging from 1917 to 2037. Certain meanings have been associated with snakes. Many widely believe that it signifies mysteries, acumen, cattiness, and other related meanings. Some people also believe it to carry divination and is considered evil and unfriendly in many cases. The cunning, unpredictable, and elongated, legless reptiles often scare people on sight. According to the tradition in ancient China, the legless reptile once protected a venerated image, giving it its place as one of the earliest totems of China. Nüwa, a Chinese mother goddess who was believed to be responsible for the creation of humanity, has a human head and a snake’s body. Despite the level of modernization and international influence throughout the ancient Chinese cities, most people believe that a snake found within their homes is a sign of good luck.

Certain attributes are associated with people born during the snake year. They are mostly considered as thoughtful, rational, gentle, and are often believed to be loyal. The personalities of people born during this year are connected to the attributes of snakes. This includes mystery, wisdom, observation, and deep thoughts. There is a strong attraction felt with people who are born during the snake year. People are attached to them primarily because of their mysterious behaviors. Unlike other types of people with a different Chinese zodiac sign, people born during the legless reptile’s year execute their plans from start to finish. At times, they are seen as geniuses able to proffer solutions to people’s problems. This is why they have a stronger sense of responsibility and clearer goals, helping them attain the apex of their career.

People who fall within this birth year typically think deeply; however, they are also perceptive and skeptical about almost everything. However, they tend to love devotedly, offering their time and love unconditionally. Furthermore, they are consistent lovers who commit to one partner at a time. People born during the year of the snake have many attributes associated with their strength. This includes calmness, inspirational, modesty, intelligence, and other outstanding characteristics that set them apart from the everyday crowd. This does not mean they are not with any weakness. The snake year comes with personality traits such as obstinaty, indifference, and doubt.

Most snake men are often found to have a keen eye in a career and seize opportunities as they meet them. Men of the snake are profitable and can build a business from bottom to top quickly. They are resistant to betrayal and are down-to-earth lovers. Snake women, on the other hand, have kind hearts and are grateful as well. They are lovers of life and develop massive interests in things around them. They tend to show more admiration towards classical artworks and are travelers by nature. Snake women are fun, intelligent, and are enthusiastic about creating stronger bonds with people around them.

There are five classifications of snake types according to various years of a snake. They are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These listed elements contain all the Chinese culture and traditions. They all influence the behavior and traits of an individual. These elements are connected to different fortunes, and the year they range from. Snake people who have their element as wood are usually born between 1965 – 2025. They are easy-going people and are quick to make lifelong friends from all interests and styles. They often appear to be perfectionists and always want to avoid making mistakes. They may not find it difficult to succeed in all they do but require friends and family to regularly encourage them.

The people within the fire element are usually born between 1977 – 2037 are quick-tempered, acting rashly and impromptu. They find it difficult to rely on an established group of people like entrepreneurs. Their keen interest in following the advice and life lessons of others serves as a great way to succeed. The people of the earth element are usually born between 1929 – 1989. They have utmost loyalty to their friends and will put everything in to retain a friend. However, they are sensitive to critique. Forgiving and forgetting those who hurt them is not something they can easily do. They show deep affection to people but can also be quite jealous.

Metal element runs between the years 1941 – 2001. They are born leaders; they are people who understand the need for freedom and strictness. They sometimes possess a bit of arrogance in their traits. However, they are the center of a crowd and will almost always get attention wherever they go. They have a powerful aura that attracts people to them. Snake people with the water element are always optimistic about events and aesthetics as well. They just don’t act without putting every detail into consideration. However, despite their consciousness about detail, they lack entrepreneurial spirit. They are known to have extremely high confidence.

Snake year people experience a lot of luck. Among these things are their lucky numbers. Their lucky numbers are 2, 8, and 9. They also have certain colors as their lucky colors, such as black, light yellow, and red. Their lucky flowers include cactus and orchids. Snake people can be lucky in certain directions, such as south, northeast, and southwest. While these things seem to bring them luck, they have certain unlucky events. The numbers 1, 6, and 7 are very unlucky for them. White, gold, and brown are the unlucky colors for most snake people. Northwest is their unlucky direction.

Snake people have the best matches; they connect well with the dragon and rooster years. They share the same values with dragons and are enthusiastic about dedicating more time to families. Rooster and snake are complementary to each other. While snake people are great at thinking, roosters are exceptional when bringing thoughts into reality.

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